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Thank you for inquiring.  Patchprep Bootcamp is a 1-day workshop for those who are considering a career in the oil and gas industry but don't know what to expect or how to succeed.  The program is designed to fill the learning gap from inexperienced worker to entry level oilfield operator, with emphasis of how to work safe and be a team player.

There are 4 presentations during the workshop. 

Oil and Gas Careers and Operations Overview.

Personal Finances and Money Management.

Mental health and Substance Abuse Issues. 

Field Guides for New Employees.

All done by trained professionals in their respective fields.

The workshop will prepare those employees with little to no experience for what lies ahead and how to be successful.

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Our Presenters

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Dallas Letersky

President of Patchprep Bootcamp Ltd


Sherri Hunter

Personal Finance and Wealth Manager


Eric Lee

Mental Health and Addictions Psychologist


Presenter: Dallas Letersky, President

Patchprep Bootcamp Ltd

With over 20 years of front line oil and gas experience, Mr.Letersky witnessed the issues in hiring inexperienced staff first hand.  The need for a pre-employment oilfield workshop became apparent in order to facilitate the next generation of oilfield operators.  The concept for the Bootcamp came while Mr.Letersky was in the Business Management program at GPRC.  

After 20 years in the field, it became apparent to me that current schooling and life skills practices did not adequately prepare the young workers of today for the rigors of the industry.  Most have no idea where to begin, what to expect, or how to succeed.
The generational gap is ever widening and with looming mass retirements, the future of our workforce is in uncharted territory.  So rather than complain about the next generation and hope for the best, I decided to do something about it.  The industry needs more mentorship.  Experienced and patient veterans willing to pass on our knowledge and work ethic to the next generation of field operators using terms, context and references THEY understand.  

“The biggest communication problem today is we don’t listen to understand, we listen to reply.”
I created Patchprep Bootcamp as an entry level, pre to early employment orientation and education program designed to mentor inexperienced workers about the industry.  Filling in the gaps that currently exist and putting it all together in a format that young workers will understand.  “I wish this program was around when I started in the patch, it would have made a huge difference.” 
Individuals that begin their job with my workshop, will have a safer and more successful career than those that don’t.


Presenter: Sherri L.J.  Hunter, Personal Finances

Rubbix Risk and Wealth Management

I have spent a good portion of my career in the Oilfield. I Started in the trenches as a swamper on a steam truck and worked my way up the ranks to Assistant Manager of a trucking company. I have seen the ups and downs of the Oilfield on many levels. The oil patch has always been a feast or famine industry.

It was shortly after the bust in 2010 that I heard a tragic story from someone very close to me about markets, an advisor that was out to line their pocket, and a devastating consequence to the chain of events.

After learning that someone I cared for was left with a disaster due to an advisor’s poor advice, I was bound and determined to make sure that no one was going to face the same scenario and I started my journey and career in the financial Industry.

I have been in the Financial Industry for 5 years and have helped many people plan for their future, protect their assets and their families, and build flexible plans that work with their lifestyles. I am continuing my education in the financial industry and pursuing my CFP designation.

I have held seminars for many groups with great success and have provided people with the tools they needed to gain the confidence to reach for their goals. In this seminar we will be discussing financial tips, tricks you can implement, and tools to utilize to maintain a healthy financial situation now and in the future. Take a look at Debt, Credit, Investing, Life Insurance, and much more in this information packed session. Gain some confidence in what you can accomplish with money and how it can be used wisely to meet future needs and goals.


Presenter: Eric V.E. Lee, BA. MA. CCC, CSAT

I have over 20 years of counselling experience.   Helping people getting off addictions has become a passion of mine.  I have done presentations to many different groups and enjoy the opportunity to educate people on the dangers of addictions, what can cause addictions, the signs of addictions and how to avoid becoming addicted.  Just keeping one young person from going down this path is worth all the hard work. 

In the work place in general there are mental health issues.  These issues can range from stress and anxiety to depression and anger issues.  When you add in the additional stress of long hours, little to no down time, and a very short time off working, the oil patch becomes a hot bed for mental health and addiction issues to emerge. 

This kind of environment is challenging for well-seasoned oil patch workers.  For young men and women entering this challenging field it can be devastating, if not handled well.  Without the proper coping mechanisms most people will have trouble adapting to this challenging work environment.  How to properly deal with this environment is one of many issues that I will be addressing in the boot camp workshop.

Substance abuse is also one of the issues I will be addressing in my presentation.  With the many stressors that are inherent when working in the patch, substance abuse is not uncommon.  With Marijuana being legalized, this substance will become more of an issue in the work place.  By far, however, alcohol is the most abused substance.  Meth and cocaine are also drugs that are being used more and more.  All these drugs are being used to try to help deal with the stress, anxiety, and depression that can come from working in a high stress environment.

How to avoid the trap of drugs, and develop healthy coping mechanisms will all be discussed in the seminar.  If you are already using, I will also be going through how to know if you have a problem, the warning signs and what to do about it.  If you are already dealing with addictions there is help available.

The unique challenges of working in the oil patch make it very important for individuals to learn about and how to avoid becoming addicted, and thus cutting short their career.  I believe the more information a person has the better chances they will have to avoid the pit falls and to have a long and successful career in the Oil Patch.


Patchprep Bootcamp Presentations

There are 4 presentations by the 3 trained experts over the course of the workshop.


Oil and Gas Operations Overview

Seismic          Survey          Site Construction
Drilling Rig     Logging         Casing
Cement          Service Rig   Fracturing
Coil Tubing     Perforating    Flowback      Wellhead/Pumpjack             Pipeline         
Refinery                               Trucking


Personal Finances and Wealth Management

What to do with your money?  Savings, budgeting for breakup, TFSA, RRSP matching, insurance policies and much more.

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Mental Health and Substance Abuse

How to deal with stress and addiction.  Healthy coping mechanisms, substance abuse avoidance and treatment, counseling and healthy lifestyle.


Field Guides for New Employees











For more information please contact us.

Workshops will be held at 214 Place, Grande Prairie AB, 3rd Floor, Community Futures Classroom. Start time is  8:30am SHARP (Do not be late) and runs until 4:30pm. Lunch will be provided (Subway Platter).

Please contact us for more details.

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